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It's time for policy that recognises the reality of modern parenting. It's time for policy that gives parents the choice to care. 



We believe that the system underpinning working and parenting is no longer fit for purpose. Combining working and caring for children is next to impossible. Parents are overstretched and stressed.

We believe that better support for parents to care for their own children, particularly in the early years, will improve the wellbeing of families and ultimately benefit society at large.

This is in contrast to current government policy which promotes, almost exclusively, the outsourcing of childcare so that parents can return to the paid workplace.



Parents Work Collective is endorsed by Robin Barker, bestselling author of 'Baby Love' and retired midwife, family and child health nurse, lactation consultant, mother and grandmother.


Visit the Resources Hub for Robin's take on the incompatibility of child care for children under three.  

Parents Work Collective is endorsed by Steve Biddulph, psychologist and world-renowned parent educator. Steve is the author of many bestselling books including 'Raising Boys' and 'Raising Girls'.


Steve says: "I am so pleased you are doing this.  The culture of everyone - mums and dads - having to return to work before they are ready, or is good for their kids, is so predominant.  It's much worse in the hypercapitalist countries like the US, but has a firm hold here, and individual parents feel immense pressure, social and financial to go with the flow.   Everywhere I go, I meet parents who read in my books about my quiet misgivings about this, and who felt encouraged by my writing, and the research picture - to trust their own intuitions, and stay home longer.  They are always incredibly pleased they did."


Get involved

If these ideas resonate with you and you are tired of the government's failure to recognise the social, cultural and fiscal value of care work, please sign up to our mailing list below.


We are working to bring these ideas to decision makers and show them that millions of Australian families need more support and in particular want the choice to care for their kids.


By joining our mailing list you can help us demonstrate the number of families who share this view. 

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